About American Changer

Company History

Harry Steinbok founded American Changer, in 1988. As a successful vending operator and equipment refurbisher, Harry saw a need to develop and manufacture a new line of reliable bill changers that would reduce parts inventories and repair costs.

He was struck by the true entrepreneurial spirit and came up with a revolutionary idea: to manufacture the most reliable bill changers using nationally recognized bill validators from companies such as Mars, CoinCo, Maka, Ardac, JCM and CBV, thereby eliminating the tremendous and costly inventory he had to maintain from different manufacturers. The first changer developed with this concept was the AC1001, which is one of American changers most popular models.

In October of 1992, Harry partnered with Jerry Vaughn. Jerry brought to the company an extensive background in marketing and sales management with Coca Cola and American Thermoplastic Extrusion Corporation. He was instrumental in helping the company grow.

American Changer Corporation - 2014

Today, American Changer Corporation celebrates its 26th anniversary and prides itself on listening to the needs of distributors and their customers and has developed over 60 different products to fit any application in the industries we serve. We also manufacture "tokens" to provide full service solutions to our customers. We continually strive to offer superior products that are a pleasure to own and operate. Our customers have come to expect only the best and that is what we deliver.

"Great people stand behind great products" and at American Changer, there's no shortage of that. We have the most highly skilled employees in the industry. Our Service department is "second to none" and has service technicians always available to answer any questions you may have for as long as you own our machines. Another unique advantage of owning an American Changer machine is our "Advance Replacement Program" for components, which minimizes costly downtime.

One man's "vision" has become a reality and together - "We're changing the industry."