American Changer Service


Q: How do I dump my hopper/hoppers?
A: Refer to the machine manual page 4, using the dump mode to empty the hopper or Click Here to download the pdf.
Q: How do I change the payout of my machine?
A: For a single hopper machine refer to machine manual page 4, the dip switches. For a dual hopper machine refer to machine manual pages 5 through 7.
Q: What is the best way to clean and maintain my machine?
A: Refer to Maintenance Kit cleaning/maintenance kit instruction page.
Q: How do I shut off a particular bill?
A: Refer to machine manual, validator section, and choose which validator you have.
Q: How do I clear an exit window jam?
A: 1) Remove all the coins
2) Take off the track side cover of the hopper
3) Remove the object from the window
4) Reassemble the hopper
Q: What size tokens can I use in my machine?
A: From 20mm to 30mm in diameter and 1.25mm to 3.5mm thickness.
Q: How many coins does the hopper hold?
A: It will hold 1600 without an extension and 2800 with the extension. This information can also be found in your machine manual.
Q: What is the most common problem with the change machines?
A: The most common problem is a false low coin reading. The hopper low coin contact plates being dirty cause this. Refer to the maintenance kit instructions for directions on cleaning the hopper.
Q: How do I know what is wrong with my machine when the out of service light is lit?
A: Press the yellow dump button on the logic board. The display will show an error code telling what is wrong with the machine. The machine manual has the description of the error codes.

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