Monthly Specials

MARS VN2702R Recycler Kit

This kit contains the Recycler and a new Logic Board with a heavy duty power supply and Recycler software. This will only work in the following model machines: AC1005 w/out hopper extension; AC2001 w/out hopper extension; AC2002 w/out hopper extension; AC2003 w/out hopper extension; AC2005 w/out hopper extension; AC8005 w/out hopper extension; AC2225 with hopper extension; and the AC6000 with hopper extension
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Part # AC9003-RECYC.KI
Price $1099.00 Plus S&H

Wireless Credit Card Kit

Wireless Credit Card System retro-fit kit for AC2002, AC6000 and machines made prior to April 2004 that have the older logic board.
This kit will allow your machine to accept credit cards to dispense tokens.

  • Wireless Credit Card Processing
  • Remote monitoring of all credit card and cash transactions
  • PCI compliant components and PA-DSS gateway software

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    Part # AC1067-SUW-KIT
    Price $950 Plus S&H