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American Changer Corporation

An award-winning developer and leading manufacturer of innovative Bill/Banknote Changers, Coin/Token Dispensers, Ticket Dispensers, Pre-Valued Card Dispensers, Self-Serve Smart Card Kiosks and tokens, American Changer has an ever-present awareness of the need for research and development, innovation, and advancement. American Changer endeavors to provide secure, automated, and practical solutions with an emphasis of lowering installation and operating costs, maximizing machine uptime, enhancing revenues, reducing pilferage and improving profit. American Changer will work with distributors and operators to determine which product is best for their needs and industry.


American Changer manufacturers Bill-to-Coin and Bill-to-Bill Changers, Cash & Credit/Debit Card to Token Dispensers, Pre-Valued Card Dispensers, Paystations, Ticket Dispensers, Currency & Coin counters and develop custom machines. We market our products and services to any industry throughout the world and align our company with the most reputable distributors on a global scale. American Changer celebrates over 30 years of service and prides ourselves on listening to the needs of distributors and customers.  We have developed over 60 different products to fit many applications.

Letter From the President

To All Our Valued Customers,

On behalf of the team at American Changer, Rowe, TriadHoffman Mint, I would like to express our deep appreciation for your loyalty, confidence, and continued interest in our products and services. With your support, we are committed to upholding the relationships, values and world-class standards that shape our philosophy and help your business succeed.

American Changer’s company motto — Changing the Industry — is even more relevant today than it was when we first founded the company over a quarter-century ago. In today’s dynamic and fast-pace global environment, we have an ever-present awareness of the need for research and development, innovation, and advancement. We endeavor to provide the highest level of customer service and remain at the forefront of ingenuity while aiming to strategically streamline our services and product development processes.

American Changer, Rowe, Triad & Hoffman Mint continues to serve global markets, working closely with customers worldwide in a variety of venues. We welcome the opportunity to provide practical and efficient solutions for every application and industry.

We thank our loyal customers and welcome those who are now joining us. It is an exciting time to be part of the global technological revolution. We look forward to working with you as we continue to offer time-tested solutions while pioneering new strategies that perfectly meet your changing business needs.

Wayne Snihur
President and COO
American Changer, Rowe, Triad & Hoffman Mint

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