AC7914 Ultimate Bill Breaker

AC7914 Ultimate Bill Breaker


I purchased the Bill Breaker machine for our adult nightclub. Immediately after having it installed and running, I knew I wanted another one. The machine has so many positive elements to it, works just like an ATM so the upkeep is simple, and the construction of the machines is stable and to this date, we have had ZERO mechanical issues. – Michael S.

With this high-security machine, operators can charge a small transaction fee to generate revenue and help provide a quick return on investment. Our Remote Access  Board enables operators to monitor the status of their American Changer machine remotely via a secure, convenient webpage that displays audit information and sends alerts should a technical issue should occur!

Locking Validator accepts $1, $5, $10, $20, $50 & $100
Locking Stacker capacity is 1,000 notes
3-Cassette Glory Brand Bill Dispenser holds 6,000 notes total
3 T-Handles
Illuminated Marquee

Additional Options

AC1090 Contact Alarm
AC1091 Tilt Alarm
AC7090 Audit Printer
AC8001-FWS Remote Access Board


The 2 machines currently in operation are at Club Onyx Charlotte (Ricks Cabaret) have generated a combined revenue of over $11,000 in our best month with an average of around $5000/month combined. I believe the best option for most corporate clubs is to have a company like mine offer a full service leasing option at no cost to the establishment and offer a profit share plan as we do currently. (25% Revenue Payout – Negotiable). With single owner clubs obviously servicing and filling the machines themselves would be in their best interest. – David N.

Additional information

Weight 292 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 50.29 in