AC2001 Front Load Banknote Changer

AC2001 Front Load Banknote Changer


Validator accepts $1, $5, $10, $20
Stacker capacity is 1,000 Notes
Dispenses one or two of the following:
2,600 Quarters/Tokens/hopper (5,200 total)
2,200 $1 Coins /hopper (4,400 total)

Additional Options

AC1045.1MEI 700 Note Stacker
AC1045.2MEI 1000 Note Stacker
AC1065.1MEI Recycle Upgrade Board
AC1067.1-SUBSuper U Board
AC1090Contact Alarm
AC1091Tilt Alarm
AC1095Medeco Lock & Key
AC2042Coin Catcher
AC2066.4$1 Coin/Quarter Acceptor
AC2066.5High Security Coin Acceptor
AC2070Vending Base
AC2075Vending Header
AC2076Pedestal Base
AC5080-QSPINSDrill Resistant T-Handle
AC7076Audit Printer
AC8001-FRA-KITRemote Access Kit
AC8001-NAYAXCredit Card System Upgrade
AC9003-RECKITMEI Recycler Validator Kit
AC9003.2-500MEI Validator w/ 500 Note Stacker
AC9031-400CoinCo Validator w/ 400 Note Stacker
AC9031-700CoinCo 700 Note Stacker
AC9031-1000CoinCo 1100 Note Stacker

Additional information

Weight91 lbs
Dimensions13 × 13.5 × 26 in