AC2002 Front Load Bill Changer

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High Security Cabinet
Dual Hopper
Dual Validator
Accepts: 1, 5, 10, 20
Stacker Capacity: 1,700 Notes
Dispenses one or two of the following:
Quarters/Tokens: 2,600/hopper (5,200 total)
$1 Coins: 2,200/hopper (4,400 total)

Additional Options

AC1061-HTR Heater
AC1095-D2 Medeco Locks & Keys
AC2066.5 IDX High Security Coin Acceptor 
AC2067 Micro-Coin Coin Acceptor
AC2076 Pedestal Base
AC2076.1 Vending Base
AC2077 Vending Header
AC5080-QSPINS Drill Resistant T-Handle
AC7076 Audit Printer
AC7777-NAYAX NAYAX Credit Card System Upgrade
AC8001-FRA-KIT Remote Access Kit
AC9003.1-REC-50 CPI Recycler w/ 500 Stacker
AC9003.1-REC-700 CPI Recycler w/ 700 Stacker
AC9003.1-REC-1000 CPI Recycler w/ 1000 Stacker
AC9003.7-500 CPI Validator w/ 500 Stacker
AC9003.7-700 CPI Validator w/ 700 Stacker
AC9003.7-1000 CPI Validator w/ 1000 Stacker
Custom Decal - Includes 2 proofs. 

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