Rowe BC-1600A Rear Load

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Rear Load
Dual CPI Validators Accepts $1, $5, $10, $20
Dual Stacker Capacities: 500 Bills each (1,000 Bills total) 
Dual Hopper Capacities: 5,600 coins per hopper (11,200 coins total)
Remote Access Board
12.06 W x 38.62 H x 18.25 D in
Stainless Steel Faceplate:
18 W x 43 H in
Weight: 160 lbs 

HSB = High Security Bezels, with the Validator bezel behind the faceplate. Recommended for outdoor or unattended areas. 

HVB = High Visibility Bezels, with the Validator bezel on the outside. Lights on the Validator attract customers attention.

BC-1600 - Base unit with CPI Validators, Compact Bezels
BC-1600-HSB - Base unit with 2 Recyclers with High Security Bezels (60 bills total)
BC-1600-HVB - Base unit with 2 Recyclers with High Visibility Bezels (60 bills total)
BC-3200 RL - Two BC-1600’s with separate control boards & power supplies with one faceplate

Additional Options:

AC1045.1 CPI 700 Note Stacker
AC1045.2 CPI 1000 Note Stacker
AC1061-HTR Heater
Custom Decal - Includes 2 proofs.

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