American Changer Hopper Kit AC1047.5-A-HPH

American Changer Hopper Kit AC1047.5-A-HPH


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Introducing the AC1047.5-A American Changer Hopper, produced in Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA!

Simply remove your old hopper from your machine (safely of course!), and replace the hopper plate and harness (both included in the AC1047.5-A-HPH Kit). It’s plug & play! This hopper is for both Front Load and Rear Load machines.

The AC1047.5-A-HPH Kit includes:

  • American Changer Hopper (AC1047.5-A)
  • Hopper Plate (AC1047.5-A-P)
  • Harness (AC1047.5-A-H)

Hopper capacity is approximately 1,600 Quarters/Tokens or 1,000 $1 Coins. Compatible with your existing hopper extensions & chutes, if applicable! 


***Currently on back order until mid-July. ***

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 13 in