AC250-CRR Front Load Token Dispenser

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The AC250-CRR can read the credit left on a pulse card and dispense the credit amount in tokens. 

Front Load Token Dispenser
White Cabinet
Card Reader Ready
Reader not included
Works with most Pulse Card Readers
Non-Resetable Meter
Hopper Capacity: 4,000 Tokens
8 ½ W x 18 ¾ H x 13 D in
21.6 W x 47.625 H x 33.02 cm
45 lbs. or 20.4 kg


Additional Options:

AC250-CRR-H Embed Harness
AC250-CRR-H Sacoa Harness
AC250-CRR-H Semnox Harness
AC250-CRR-KIT American Changer's Payment System Reader 
AC1016 Base & Back Plate
AC1070 Vending Base
AC1095 Medeco Lock & Key
AC1261 PC Interface Board
AC5080-QSPINS Drill Resistant T-Handle
Custom Decal - 2 proofs included. 

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