AC250-CRR Front Load Token Dispenser

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The AC250-CRR can read the credit left on a pulse card and dispense the credit amount in tokens. Custom decal shown. 

Front Load Token Dispenser
White Cabinet
Card Reader Ready
Reader not included
Works with most Pulse Card Readers
Non-Resetable Meter
Hopper Capacity: 4,000 Tokens
8 ½ W x 18 ¾ H x 13 D in
21.6 W x 47.625 H x 33.02 cm
45 lbs. or 20.4 kg


Additional Options:

AC250-CRR-H Embed Harness
AC250-CRR-H Sacoa Harness
AC250-CRR-H Semnox Harness
AC250-CRR-KIT American Changer's Payment System Reader 
AC1016 Base & Back Plate
AC1070 Vending Base
AC1095 Medeco Lock & Key
AC1261 PC Interface Board
AC5080-QSPINS Drill Resistant T-Handle
Custom Decal - 2 proofs included. 

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